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Learningfair offer a wide array of products and services associated to the schools and educational organizations and Learningfair is an online portal for sourcing all you academic needs such as

Ultimate visual educational content and interactive activities for pre-primary & primary students
Interactive online and offline educational activities for children’s
To launch your schools personalized web page with all information about your organization
A place to share everyday updates to students and parents on a regular basis
Your one-stop shopping place for all your school supplies
Your one-stop market place for all your educational services
And many more essentials that your school required

Visual Learning

Learningfair’s visual learning content is a learning system or style where the learner better understands and retains information when ideas, words and concepts are associated with images, text, animated visuals and observable audio. Learningfair visual learning helps students clarify their thoughts and integrate new knowledge.

Learningfair holds more than 10,000 minutes of ultimate online visual learning content and interactive activities for kindergarten and primary school students of all boards. Every lessons and educational activities are produced in consultation with professional teachers and educationalists in such a way that children can understand the concepts clearly. The lessons connect with children through knowledgeable information and judge their performance with interactive tasks and online and offline assessment sequences. These educational episodes also incorporate an easily understandable voice teaching which takes children into the details of the content.


SCHOOL’S is state’s unique search destination to provide a single point source to know all about educational institutes at all levels and from all sectors. An attempt has been made through this online directory to provide comprehensive, accurate, and one stop source of information about each and every educational institutes such as government, private schools and other educational or extra edification training centers.

All content on this website, including institution name, address, contact numbers, e-mail ID’s, website address and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and you may view, use, copy, share, and refer the materials found on the media for internal, non-commercial, informational purposes only.

School Diary

A place to share and view the complete timeline of homework, results, holidays, events and fees related informational being sent by the school to students and parents on a regular basis!

School diary captures homework, result declaration, fee reminders, holidays, school events related information and all other informational communication / notifications / circulars sent by the school to the parent. Documents or reports in word, excel, pdf and jpg files can be attached with these notifications which can be downloaded and viewed on the parent's computer or mobile phones. The school can send notification to selected class students, for selected subject or to the entire school, just by the click of a button. Reports in monthly and yearly basis can be downloaded by students/parents and school management for documentation purpose.

School store

School store has always been your one-stop online portal for all your school supplies and educational services. We bring everything under one roof so that you get the most convenient way of buying the school essentials and booking for any educational services that you require.

The key focus is to build an educational portal that breaks the problematic exercises that involve in spending a lot of time in finding the right vendors for you school essential supplies like books, stationery Items, uniforms, sport items, toys, security equipment’s, furniture, accessories and your academic service needs like school software’s, training, seminars, events, promotions, graphics, printing, e-publishing, e-learning, staffing solutions, etc.

Vendor Partner INSETFAI

Insetfair.com is one of the most fascinating image libraries in the world where images ranging from the ordinary graphics to the most intriguing vector illustrations, animations and audio files are portrayed in a very pleasant way. Insetfair provides high quality vector illustration, flash graphics & animation, psd graphics, photographs and audio clips for all tastes. Insetfair supports Learningfair with its high quality graphics, animation stuffs and audio clips for its ultimate visual content development and interactive activities.


Founder and Director,

Arulprasath has a great experience of 10 years in the world of graphics and animation. He has launched Insetfair.com in 2010 with thousands of his own creative works in graphics, animation and audio and his vision is to construct a gallery of mass quality creative works which will help millions of creators all over the world to easily create beautiful products and designs. Since then, Insetfair.com has grown into a portfolio of vector graphics, pixel graphics, flash graphics/animation and audio clips with all the creative and editorial assets needed.

Arulprasath has been using his creative skills to develop multimedia visual learning contents and interactive activities under his brand Learningfair.in. His e-learning content and interactivities have made education easy to understand for kindergarten and primary school students. With more than 10,000 minutes of ultimate visual learning content learningfair.in is an online gateway for sourcing educational organizations academic needs at one place.

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